Island of Pašman
(clean sea, peace, unspoiled nature)

Pašman  - Coat of Arms

Island of Pašman is the twelfth largest Croatian island. It measures 21 kilometers in length and is home to around 3,000 permanent residents.

You will find your peace on Pašman between June and September. We recommend walks and cycling along well-maintained and marked trails along the coast and on the top of the island with beautiful views of the Zadar archipelago.

For more experienced cyclists, we recommend that you also visit the neighboring island of Ugljan, which is connected to Pašman by a bridge near Ždrelec. Why not embark on a journey of about 90 km from the beginning of Pašman to the end of Ugljan and back? The road is paved and not too busy and thanks to the ride between olive groves and with beautiful views of the sea and the landscape, it provides an unforgettable cycling experience.

 Would you like to see Kornati from the peak Bokolj (274m), the highest peak of Pašman? You can choose between a hike lasting from 15 minutes to 45 minutes (leave the car in Dobropoljana).

From the end of June to the end of August, the island comes to life, as it is a popular destination for many families and couples who like to return to the island. But due to the relatively small number of beds available for rent, even in the high season, the beaches are never crowded and you always find your favorite place on the beach.

Pašman is known for several beautiful beaches . Among the most beautiful are: the bay Lućina, Tratica, Dužica, Barotul, Mrljane, Dobropoljana, Banj, Ždrelac Soline.

In the old stone taverns, local residents will be happy to serve you homemade olive oil, fish pate, sheep cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto and a large selection of wild fish, Adriatic squid and the like. In winter, when the bora wind is blowing outside, it is especially a pleasure to warm up by the open fireplace in the Mureta tavern, where all Dalmatian delicacies are served.

The island can be reached by a short (approx. 15 min) ferry ride from Biograd or Zadar. Ferries run approximately every hour.

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